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1What are our Rental Requirements? And what's the deal with insurance?
Our vehicles are available to drivers 21 and older, who have their motorcycle endorsement (motorcycle license) or equivalent international license. All renters are required to use our insurance. Insurance costs are $15/day. All drivers and riders are required to sign our liability waiver and rental agreement. Finally, a $2500 credit card authorization is required to take the Slingshot out. This is not a charge, but an authorization, so when the Slingshot is brought back without damage, it will never have been taken out.
2What is a motorcycle endorsement? And why do I NEED it?
A motorcycle endorsement is essentially a motorcycle license. According to Florida law, the slingshot is classified as a motorcycle. You must have your motorcycle endorsement printed in your license to rent with us.
3I only need the Slingshot for a couple hours, can I get a discount?
We understand that many of our clients only have a need for the Slingshot for a time period of less than a day, however by renting it to you for even 10 minutes, we are eliminating the possibility that we can rent it to another customer. So in essence, we are giving it up for the full day regardless of how long you use it for. As such, we must charge for a full day.
4Can you deliver the slingshot to me?
Unfortunately, we cannot. But, you can absolutely leave a car at our shop overnight.
5How many miles can I go without being charged?
We love driving, and we hope you love driving! We don't have any restrictions on miles, so go as far as you'd like... assuming you stay within Florida!
6What's the deal with the $2500 credit hold?
We authorize your credit card for $2500, but do not charge unless the Slingshot is brought back with damage or the deductible is needed for any reason. It is in everyone's best interest to never have to charge the card, but accidents happen, and the $2500 hold is for that reason. The insurance deductible is $2500.
7Do I need to bring the Slingshot back on a full tank?
Please do, we often turn the slingshots around and rent to another customer the same day as you return it. Bringing it back on empty will be $20.
8How are days measured?
24 hours = 1 day!
9I see there is a place for a discount code-- Do you often offer discounts?
We offer small discounts occasionally. Please check our social media and local business partners for an available discount code. Also, feel free to contact us and see if we currently have any promotions going on. Lastly, be sure to sign up for our Newsletter (sign up at the bottom of this page) for every deal we offer! *we don't blow up your inbox with daily/weekly emails and will never sell your information.
10I've got a questions that wasn't answered here- what do I do?
Please feel free to email us at or call us at 561.232.1855

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