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Rent A Slingshot

The Slingshot isn’t a traditional motorcycle, it isn’t a car, it’s the newest head turning roadster that promises to excite. With the Slingshot’s low sitting, open air frame, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s the road, the beach or the stars you seek, the Slingshot will take you there. We are Florida's premier Slingshot rental company. We specialize in making your experience carefree, no-stress, and full-service, with delivery options to some cities. We provide 24 hour roadside assistance and free helmets with rentals. With you in mind we've specifically ordered only the most fully loaded slingshots with every possible luxury option! We have strong ties to our local community and take pride in giving back. If you are interested in learning more about the non-profits we support, please click here and here.


RentASlingshot shares your obsession with driving. We know about your long history and love of fast rides. RAS exists to provide you, our customers, with an exciting, exhilarating, worry-free experience. Knowing that you pay attention to every new eye-popping toy on the road, we want to provide an affordable way for you, the enthusiast, to get in on the fun. Here at RAS, we’ve taken care of all of the finer details and have anticipated everything you’ll need in order to have a great ride.


We’re based in West Palm Beach, Florida. This affords you the opportunity to drive the world famous A1A that runs down the entire coast of Florida, and gives you access to some of the best beaches in the country, along with nightlife like nowhere else. Whether you are a local or vacationer, we promise you will experience SoFlo like never before. Our address is 3520 Investment Ln #5, West Palm Beach, FL 33404.

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